We’ve put together some information below to help explain how a silent disco can work at your event.

Precise and Hard Working

Hiring equipment from Silent Disco Kit provides you with an INCOMPARABLE SERVICE, making sure your event runs as SMOOTHLY AS POSSIBLE, from the delivery of our equipment until its return. With our 100% successful dispatch rate, our headphones and transmitting equipment arrive promptly prior to your event, ensuring you have ENOUGH TIME to set up and be CONFIDENT in using it.

Setting up our silent disco equipment is simple, as we include a guidebook with STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONS and information on the whole process. If you do encounter any technical problems, you can call us on our 24 HOUR EMERGENCY HELPLINE and we can help you resolve them.

The Silent Disco Kit headphones themselves are EASY TO USE. A volume dial and a channel switch are all it takes to give each INDIVIDUAL COMPLETE CONTROL over what they listen to, when they listen to it and at a volume that is suitable for them. And to make sure that the party keeps going for as long as you want, we even send fresh batteries to replenish any headphones that happen to run flat.

We even provide the necessary cables to plug into the most popular music playing equipment. All you need to do is link them all up and connect the power. When your event has finished, simply repack the equipment and our couriers will collect it from you and we will do the rest. It’s as easy as that!

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