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Join the ever-growing crowd of people who have decided to have their own silent event as part of their big day.

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Most wedding venues tend to put noise restrictions in place in order to cut down on noise pollution to the surrounding area late at night. By using our headphones and transmission system, you can keep the party going for as long as you want, so make sure the party doesn't come to a premature halt and dance the whole night long.

Whether it's an engagement party or the big day of your wedding, a silent disco could be exactly what you need to make the day popular and memorable for everyone. Maybe it's the happy couple who have opposing tastes in music - or maybe the new in-laws or older guests simply want to have their chance on the dance floor - the most can be made of the two headphone channels by playing two separate playlists of music that you can create to suit everyone.

But we also know that such significant events are also an opportunity for old friends and family to catch up with one another. With SilentDiscoKit, interaction between people has never been easier as all the people who are interested in dancing not only have a multiple choice of music, but no longer will people have to suffer against a blaring PA system. With this in mind, this allows you to fully utilise the space of your venue as those who want to either dance or sing and those who want to sit down and take things easy can be part of the same room in comfort.