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A silent disco can happen anywhere. With silent disco kit you can afford to make any event memorable by hiring our easy-to-use wireless headphones

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Have a silent disco at your wedding

Weddings and Engagements

Offer your guests something new by hosting your own silent wedding event. Our professional service and equipment offers an easy and effective alternative for entertainment on your big day. If the groom-to-be is into classic rock while the bride loves current pop, then create your own separate playlists to make sure your guests are entertained.

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Birthdays and Special Occasions

Looking for something different to do for your birthday? Maybe you have a special occasion that you will always want to remember? With Silent Disco Kit, the possibilities are hugely varied on how to give your event the impact you've always wanted. Suitable and easy to adapt to any kind of venue, our headphone and transmission system are just a few easy steps away.

Hire silent disco equipment for your birthday partyA silent disco is perfect for charity and fund raising events

Charity Events

Raising awareness for a specific cause to help benefit those in need is always something that should be given the utmost consideration. In the past, we have supplied our services to such organisations like Relay for Life and 4us2, helping them obtain the full potential and support of their respective fundraising events.

We also work with youth groups such as the Scouts and Brownies, helping provide equipment for entertainment events for those organisations that work hard to provide young people with development and support.

Student Unions and Nightclubs and Bars

Silent Discos are a massively popular source of entertainment for night-time venues looking to deliver something different to their customers. Much loved by students, regular club-goers and even those new to the concept, our headphones are available for all kinds of events.

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Silent discos are popular with students and nightclubsWireless headphones have many uses

The Arts

We have always enjoyed great success with our headphones being used in other events that don’t necessarily partake in the silent disco concept. Enjoy a new level of audio for events such as silent cinema and theatre or even literature readings, where the sound can be heard directly. In the past we have worked with Feral Productions, Jered Sorkin Music and even the original and quirky In the Woods festival to provide headphones and equipment.

Silent Disco Kit has also been a part of a rising interest in using our headphone system for certain events in art galleries and museums. Our headphones have often been found useful in providing a way for speakers to present extended talks directly to those who have an interest to hear what’s being said about the exhibit without disturbing others nearby.


Make sure that you can provide interactive communication in a way that is also engaging to those at corporate events and presentations with SilentDiscoKit headphones and equipment. Utilise the most of your venue space by simply splitting the crowd through the use of our multi-channel system. Effectively decreasing surrounding noise and interference allows you to cut down on space, event time and cost and introduce delegates to this radical new way to get the most of their event attendance.

Use our wireless headphones for your conference audioOffice parties can take place in venues or rooms that otherwise could not have loud music

Office Parties

Celebrate a promotion or get a kick-start to the holiday festivities and bring your colleagues together for your own silent office party. Maybe it’s your turn to organise the next staff party and you want something different to do but need to keep the party aspect going. Well, at SilentDiscoKit, we can definitely offer an option that is fun, easy and affordable for any event so contact us to start planning your very own event that will be sure to have your whole office up and dancing throughout the night.

Seasonal Celebrations

What better way to start the festivities - whatever the occasion - than bringing everyone together for a party during the holiday. Whether it’s Halloween, Christmas, New Years, Summer or even Bank Holidays, a silent event can be the perfect way to celebrate. Create something memorable for your friends and family in a way that everyone can enjoy by contacting us to start planning for your next holiday celebration.

Please feel free to contact us and talk about what makes your event a bit different.

A silent disco is perfect for a Christmas party

Schools and Education

Open up new avenues of learning and interaction with students and introduce a new way to teach through our headphones. Pupils can become more engaged and responsive with the emphasised sound quality of the lesson as well as a reduction in being disrupted by distractions such as other students talking. Easy to set up within a classroom or assembly hall, Silent Disco Kit can be an ideal step for new ways to deliver education.