After some great finishing acts and a massive bonfire, people were ready to finish off the rest of the night with singing and dancing with Silent Disco Kit headphones.

Running into its eighth consecutive year, In the Woods has become the ultimate in the optimal small festival experience. With its attendants hungry for artists with quirky style and niche genre music, there was a much calmer ambience throughout the whole weekend, especially compared to the madness that was Reading and Leeds festival the weekend before.

With lights strung up from branch to branch – creating a luminescent tapestry of calm cool colours adding to the already peaceful woodland setting – this was definitely the place to be. Overall the general feeling seemed to be one of serenity, which is quite a novel perspective for a festival. People seated casually on fallen logs with drinks in hand or admiring the many small details that organisers had thought to include such as art displays, mask making, silent cinema, poetry recitals and rich hog roasts.

Artist after artist came out and played to a very enthusiastic crowd scattered among the trees by the two stages. With most of the acts kept under wraps by the organisers, there was a great deal of anticipation throughout the entire time as to who they could be. That excitement overflowed into all areas of the festival, especially the poetry section, where talented amateur and professional poets took to the stage to recite their particular renditions while the audience listened through our headphones.

Throughout the day people also visited the silent cinema which was held in a tent that offered a comfortable reprieve from the rest of the festival, playing documentaries and movies that tailored to the respective tastes of the attendants.

As the main acts started to come to an end, the poetry section became an area for acoustic music to take place, welcoming small artists to perform their own original songs without restriction. Playing through our headphones seemed definitely to be a new experience for them, but with being so close to the main stage they took it to be a blessing in disguise, especially when their audience cheered for more and more songs, even including the organisers of the festival.

Finally, the festival ended with a traditional silent disco. After some great finishing acts and a massive bonfire, people were ready to finish off the rest of the night with singing and dancing. Overall the whole event was deemed a great success that had been filled with unique fun-filled moments for every person. We very much look forward to this festival again this year and hope that we can be a part of it.

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