We had a great end to October with our wireless headphones being used at the illustrious Glasgow Royal Concert Hall for a day of amazing family music fun.

We had a great end to October 2013 with our headphones being sent to the illustrious Glasgow Royal Concert Hall for a day of ‘family music fun.’ Glasgow UNESCO City of Music teamed up with other arts organisations from all across Glasgow to create this day-long event to engage people of all ages in a great many activities throughout the venue – such as singing, storytelling, face-painting, live performances and interactive workshops – not to mention their very own silent disco.

All guests were encouraged to show up in costume, following a Fairytales, Adventures and Fantasy theme. This idea was accepted with huge success, with many people participating and showing off a variety of costumes. This worked amazingly well when it came to the silent disco, separating the two channels into two separate events; one for Little Monsters, and the other for Heroes and Heroines.

So it was a very strange sight indeed to see all manner of costumed people dancing away in silence but having a great time. Tying in with introducing families to new forms of music for a whole fun-filled day, the silent disco fit in very well with the event which was thought as a success. We hope to be a part of it all again in the future!

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